Not saying my dog is dark, but every time I point my phone camera at her, it suggests that I try "night sight".

Don't worry Frank, your uncle Harry will have a word with the brass at Bournemouth.

Mrs Basil considering banning me from watching ManU at this point. She has decided there's a correlation.

Today's fine example of a murder strip.
So narrow the bike icon doesn't even fit.

Given today's news it should be pointed out, once again, the disparity between giving fines to individuals and not bothering to ensure that businesses don't endanger their employees.

So much for health and safety gone mad.

What a fucking twat waffle.

Someone didn't pay attention in their ethics seminars at college.

But Dean Smith in a mood is also quality entertainment.

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The better the season gets for Aston Villa the more captivating I find it, given the sliding doors moment of staying up via a goal line tech failure.
Brilliant summer window, kicked on would be a colossal understatement.

Tim Sherwood with A-levels is having a tough evening.

Fitness has nose dived.
20km ride yesterday with some (but not loads) of climbing.

Did me in.

On an empty stomach and didn't take water with me (which was an error), but still, it highlights the drop off.

The charge about the media not noticing our horrid winter form because the manager's name doesn't begin with a 'W' feels pretty accurate, to be honest.

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