The fact that the primary UI action when you open an album on Spotify is "Shuffle Play" just shows that the developers are utter and complete savages.

Apple tree arriving next week.Place your bets on how long it'll take me to kill it.

Stuffed aubergine with bell pepper, mushroom, onion, garlic, mozzarella.

... Rather unsatisfying.

Want a pork pie and a pint.

Can't remember the last time I was this resentful of a coming Monday.

Working from home sucks armpits.

And often it need be none of those things. It just needs to be there, waiting as an option that you can ignore. Not today thanks but it was nice to know that, should the tide turn or an opportunity arise, it is waiting, like a room of requirement ready to morph into the quiet office space or cooling down chamber or social backdrop that you need.

This is friendship or socialising of a different ilk. This is a unique place.

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Though that can occur too; the people you don’t text to meet up with but are often just there, waiting, hoping that you’ll stick your head in too, like my good friend lost last year. Others have formed their groups too; the lost souls who have garnered quite a friendship circle.

There are even the faces you look forward to seeing, hoping that they’ll be in today. Little, daily, unspoken jolts of excitement that lift the darkest of moods.

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Often the solitude is enough; the environment brings the joy. It can be a solitary drink with a book, or a laptop or just a browse through the day’s media. The weight of a thousand sorrows and burdens feels lifted when the bar stool takes it and the first beer is in front of you.

The familiar faces that come and go don’t even need to strike up conversation, just provide a courteous nod. There is comfort in familiarity even if it doesn’t burgeon into lifelong friendships

Plumbing finished. "Outdoor" tap in the cellar. It works. No floods yet.

2 kinds of potatoes and garlic gone in the ground.

Fuck me, instant coffee is nasty...

Me, yesterday, when I ran out of coffee:

It would be irresponsible of me to go out to a shop, in which I can't socially distance in any effective way, just for a single item like coffee.

Me, today:

This great sacrifice damn well better have saved at least 5 lives.

Lad from work is isolating because his girlfriend is high risk. Down to his last bog roll, decided to jump in the shower instead. Has had a mishap by way of a slightly scolded hoop.

Parcel force man has arrived with my essentials 🤫

Think the parcel force man is struggling. ETA for parcel was 09:00-10:00.

Maybe he's stuck down a cul-de-sac and penned in by pensioners without a 2m gap to get through.

Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with Covid - 19.

Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Samantha - 15.

On the one hand you Mike Ashley going full cuntbag by telling his staff to keep sports direct open.

On the other you have my 5 local bike shops. Who have announced that, despite being listed as an essential retail business (because people might need repairs or replacements), 3 are closing and diverting people to the other 2. And if you need emergency assistance, you must ring to discuss what you need and book an appointment slot so they can ensure there's only ever 1 customer at a time.

Howay then dickhead let's be having you.

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