So that's showing, with only 3 games remaining, that no team is mathematically certain to remain in the league for next season.

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I know that what's mathematically possible is a little corny and arbitrary when applied en mass like this.

But I don't care, this is perfect for showing how bat shit bonkers this division is.

Swansea fans upset that Pablo celebrated his late winner was my favourite reading material of the weekend.

Said it before many times, but Middlesbrough fans are weird.

Finally fixed the bastard gate.

Opens like a dream now. No more lift, shove, kick, shoulder barge.

Yup, nothing to see here. I tried to connect ncmpcpp to spotify vis mopidy.

And, well, I did.

"James Chester, raised by Old Trafford’s academy, a Welsh international with three seasons of Premier League experience for Hull and West Brom, took over in defence from teenager Nathan Collins, and immediately formed a creative partnership with United’s half-time substitute Pablo Hernandez. The magician can conjure passes through concrete, but it was easier to find the gaps in Stoke’s defence with Collins assisting him like Debbie McGee with a jackhammer."


I was anticipating a whole evening of yak shaving if I'm honest.

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Back on Spotify premium. Time to test out Mopidy properly.


Reply to the email.

Sure, but you will have to pay £250.

Jog on. Silly pricks.

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So Mrs Basil is trying to keep busy.

One thing she's doing is just going out to picturesque places and filming. Often just her, sometimes with a friend. Film and Edit a little video together all in a morning.

Today, became she does stuff by the book. She emailed the forestry commission to ask them if it would be ok to film on their land. Not a commercial projects, just her and a camera. Provided public liability insurance details and standard outdoor filming risk assessment.

The other party involved in making the film has reacted to the ongoing pause by explaining to Mrs Basil to that they've faced a lot of roadblocks in their life and they've always managed to overcome them.

I'm willing to bet they don't really have a great frame of reference on what a real roadblock might be to most people.

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Can always tell people that grew up with everything they ever wanted.

Mrs Basil currently has a film on hold that was due to begin filming in late April.

Even with the new guidelines she's unable to be insured for the crew. The equipment house (camera lights etc) is not letting out stock. The primary funding is not being released. Several crew are high risk.

So not only is it sensible to hold out even longer. It's the only path.

Let's just say I'm not as confident as FiveThirtyEight.

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