Rushi still bookies fave but feel like I should have stuck some coin on this

Who's surprised the fuck-nugget can't tell the difference between working and a piss-up? No cunt, that's who.

Thoroughly enjoy my new once a week task of writing "not known at this address" on the 5-10 letters received for the old tenant and walking them up to the position box. Only to get another bunch next week from the same organisations.

It's been 2 years motherfuckers, take a hint.

How that anyone has ever cast a single vote for this vapid cockwomble will remain a mystery to me until the end of my days.

One thing that I liked about London was that when you press the beg button at a pedestrian crossing. The lights change right away.

Thanks for trying, have a good evening.
Or get in the sea... Also an option.

A dozen or so attempts to exploit CVE-2021-44228 on the handful of our server logs I checked today.

There's gonna be some hefty casualties out in the world from this one it would seem.

This bike model crops up in the local classifieds fairly often.

And every time I see it. It hurts my heart.


In the last 24hrs. Despite only 1min of background activity, YouTube music used 5% of my battery. Impressive flex.

He's certainly in good company among racing drivers but Max Verstappen sure does enjoy smoking his own exhaust fumes.

I thought computer science had a lot of TLAs until I started working in the clinical research industry. JFC.

Sendgrid have forced 2FA on their accounts. And the only 2FA they support requires using a phone number 🙄

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