Oracle getting Boolean data type. Never thought I'd see the day.

Oracle getting JavaScript stored procedures. Good lord.

I only enjoy it when it's symmetrical.
Wordle 448 4/6


Bet Boris is fucking gutted he missed this.

Took a chance ordering something last Saturday, needed for this Saturday, that it would arrived before any royal mail strikes started.

It got so close 😂
I can see the mail centre it's in from the bottom of my street.

Have you ever had stomach flu?
When there's a wave of violent and seemingly unending vomiting.
Then, suddenly, a brief and welcome relief before the thundering unrelenting diarrhea begins.

But that's enough about politics.

Completely passed me by that Peter Eckersley had died. Such a widely talented and dedicated person. RIP.

my dog with a mouthful of fish. Giving off major Smeagol vibes.

“I think we have shown the breadth and depth of talent in the Conservative Party”
- Liz Truss

Not gonna lie, I agree with here on that.

"Shift Left" is rocketing up my list of things I'm sick of hearing department managers say.

One potential benefit (and the only one I can muster) is an incoming PM and government that's unpopular out of the gate, may wish for a huge and overtly popular yet short term policy up there with furlough. So an energy cap lock isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Web APIs that return errors as HTML can all go die in a fire.

Status Code: 200 (Ok)
Response: <p>Lolz, just kidding, oopsies: error 500.</p>

Sacked off the hunt for a mechanical keyboard.

The driver for this was ergonomics, so have gone for an ergonomic Logitech.

If I can get used to a slightly split keyboard then perhaps I can revisit in the future.

Ergonomic mechanical keyboards really are a rich persons playground aren't they. Wowzers.

Leeds better not lose to Frankie the Tory tonight.

Bracing myself for Leeds United getting brought down to earth with a thorough spanking tomorrow.

Currently reading a "Functional Specification Use Case Document" that I can only assume was written by a chimp hurling feces at a keyboard.

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