Celebrating Sussex Day by showing my martlets flag.

@silkevicious sadly flying a flag is as exciting as it gets. In the UK we really need to celebrate local days like the Spanish celebrate their local fiestas. That is with music and lots of alcohol!

@Luke Here we celebrate a day (or a weekend) for the patron saint of the village. Usually in summer there's some BBQ, music, beer... (at least before covid).
Technically you're allowed to not to work that day.
Pratically we have to work the same. This suck.
Also if you come from a different town, it counts the company patron, not your.

Oh and the saint isn't unique. Meaning more villages can celebrate the same saint 😜

@silkevicious @Luke similar deal in Malta. Each parish has their Saint and their set weekend when they have their festa.

The village I lived in, Ħal Lija, their said was Jesus so nothing low key 😅.

They were always determined to have the biggest fireworks display. That was their thing.


@silkevicious @Luke they spend about 2 weeks setting the village up for the weekend then the day after they parade the statue around the village they take it all down.

Looked like a lot of effort.

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@basil @silkevicious though I suppose it is based on religion and we are quite secular as a nation.

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