@silkevicious @Luke similar deal in Malta. Each parish has their Saint and their set weekend when they have their festa.

The village I lived in, Ħal Lija, their said was Jesus so nothing low key 😅.

They were always determined to have the biggest fireworks display. That was their thing.

@basil They give a warning for people with epilepsy not to visit the island those holidays. @silkevicious @Luke

@basil @ghostdancer @silkevicious Well local(ish) to me is the Lewes Bonfire celebrations: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewes_Bo - trouble is the police and council make it as hard as possible to get to it. Close the roads leading to town and no public transport.

@basil Iike that :
"The festival is held in all weathers.
"Come wind, snow or hail, you've just got to do it" "
In January we sometimes get really bad weather , but only the children parade is cancelled the rest we go out , wind , rain, cold, it doesn't matter. You have to do it.
@Luke @silkevicious

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