Weddings in England can take place with maximum of 30 guests - but no singing allowed

My daughter will be pleased.


@dick_turpin sounds easier than the 300 + singing I had.

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@basil My daughter originally whittled it down to 38 looks like 8 people are going to shit out. Thing is, you've always got to invite Uncle knobhead because he's a conversational piece and then the couple that hate each other guts until that certain song comes on and then their like Torvill and Dean.

@dick_turpin @basil
We had about 30.
wasn't a lavish affair, we just wanted to get married.
Friends of ours spent nearly 20 grand on their wedding. they were married for 5 years.

@wyliecoyoteuk @basil Oh my sister-in-law had one of those lavish Bali weddings. Shipped out the parents and a few friends and family forked out to go (We didn't) two years later he worked out he was going to be bankrupt within five years keeping up with all the desires and promptly boogered off down saaarf.

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