I've never used a mechanical keyboard for any length of time. I've tried a few for a moment or two and have used a friend's for an hour of so. Always found them nice.

However, keyboards that tilt, so they get taller towards the back, always seem to hurt my wrist.

Flat is ok, tilting the other way seems to be even better. To the point where I've glued 2 pencils under the front edge of my keyboard at work.

Mechanical keyboards all seem to have a very pronounced tilt.

@basil I’m the other way, I prefer a keyboard that tilts forward. I always put the little tabs out on the back.

I have a Ducky mechanical keyboard with Cherry Brown switches, and I’m really happy with it.

If you’re looking for keyboard advice, @hund is most definitely the person you need.

@basil I've seen a good number of mechanical keyboards with both front and back feet. There are also keyboards like the ErgoDox with legs that allow you to position it however you like.

The keyboard I have (Vortex ViBE) came with the back legs as separate pieces to screw on, so you could leave them off and the keyboard would lie completely flat.

Lots of choice in the mechanical keyboard world! It's just a matter of doing a bunch of research to find something good for you.

@basil Positive tilt is.. negative. Positive tilt is for people that need to look at the keyboard when they type. Negative tilt is actually the most ergonomic for your hands.

I know a few things about keyboards if you want advices. I have both designed and built my own custom keyboards.

I have used mechanical keyboards for almost a decade now as well. :)

@hund @basil I had an ergonomic assessment about a year back and they recommended moving away from tilting my keyboard. Took a few days to get use to it, but haven’t looked back.

I also use to prefer non-mechanical keyboards as even with a small tilt, I preferred a flatter surface. I recently shifted to the Corsair K70 low profile and am loving it as it seems to give the best of both worlds. But would be interested in feedback on other options.

@rw @hund I think I'd seen that one on my travels but saw the backlight and the word "gaming" and hit the back button. 😅


OMG - I put the back legs down on my keyboard after reading this and it's loads more comfortable. Can't believe I've never done that before...

@dheadshot no I don't mean the added tilt with the flaps, just the natural shape of the keyboard, they are still usually not flat. And ideally there would be flaps on the front.

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