@basil Looks good. I've not seen LED baton lights before.

@jamie really good light, dead easy to wire up, and you can daisy chain them so will be really simple if I decide to put another one up.

Downside is that it's a sealed unit so if it fails, you get a new one. That I don't like, but fingers crossed it will last for the claimed 25,000 hours.

£30 isn't cheap but I'm happy.

@basil That's very nice and I presume satisfying. I won't change a washer let alone touch anything that might carry a live current.

Funnily enough, my mate (BBQ piss up mate) said he 'rewired his first flat' in 1984. All worked fine until he inadvertently touched a screw on the wall socket mounting to discover it was live.

@andyc oof, I bet that tickled.

Yes, very satisfying.

If there's something I can copy that I fully understand each part, then I feel ok about it.

I added a new double socket after I hired a spark to do one, and watched him do it.

The cellar already had a light so was able to inspect it first then replicate. So if it's wrong, it was already wrong.

@basil Wow. That's impressive. I'm just useless/dangerous when it comes to home improvement.

P.S:Whatever you do don't lick the frog 😆

@ghostdancer was sure that was going to read: don't lick the wires 😆

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