Great thread of White v Mitrovic clips.

Showing how good a game he had.

And showing Mitrovic has found his level in the championship. Couldn't deal with that calibre of opponent week in week out.

cc @Luke

@basil @Luke Was blissfully unaware but he certainly looks like a great prospect. Mind you, we have said that before - John Stones et al.

@basil @Luke Interesting - after those clips I presumed Mitrovic lost his rag 3 mins from the end - not the start.

@andyc @Luke yeah, seemed like the plan was to attempt to rough him up early doors and frighten him out of the game. I'll admit to being concerned it would work.

@andyc @Luke I'll be amazed if he's not at one of the big teams for next season.

@basil @andyc Albion have repeatedly said he is part of their plans for next season. Think the assumption is (was?) Dunk (our best defender) would be sold (after interest last summer) and White is the replacement. We don't need to sell White currently so if we do it will have to be for decent money to make it happen. That'll be more than the £20m I've seen Leeds fans mentioning on Twitter.

@basil Obviously I'd love to see him playing for Brighton but also happy to cash in and get lots of money for him.

@Luke none of the Leeds fans with an IQ over 70 think he'll play again for Leeds after this season.

The three of us spoke about it, and we honestly think Liverpool and City would both happily drop 30 million on him.

@basil Sadly I think you're right. Fingers crossed we put that money towards a goal scorer!

@Luke you can have Bamford for 5mil. I'll get on the blower to his agent.

@basil @Luke He does seems like a Pep style defender. And if he ends up complementing VVD, gawd help us.

Lindelhof/Bailly and Maguire/Jones seems slightly inferior by comparison 🙂

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