"UK house prices were 0.1% lower in June than the same month a year ago - the first annual fall since December 2012, according to the Nationwide"

Cool. The soon to be negative equity on my house coupled with my -18% return on my pension so far. I'm doing great.

@basil I hope you weren't planning on moving and retiring anytime soon

@stardot not planning on it no.
So fingers crossed my job is recession resistant.

Luckily now not concerned. Won't be selling this home any time soon, if ever.
We were lucky to make our move to our forever home just before the pandemic.

@basil Brexit uncertainty likely to finish what covid started too. Feeling smug our mortgage is fixed rate until it’s finished.

@Luke Ours is fixed until August 2022. Thought that was long enough at the time..


@jamie @basil we last remortgaged the week after the Brexit referendum and interest rates were very low at the time. Decided to see the rest of it out at a fixed rate as generally markets don't like uncertainty.

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