Think if I hadn't got webpub working, so I could post through the Indigenous Android app, I'd have fallen off for certain this past week or so.

@basil curious did you do a write up on this? I looked through your blog posts and didn’t see it. Sounds interesting

@geekgonecrazy I did.

But as I never expected to write this many blog posts, I didn't implement paging and it's fallen of the bottom. 😅 Oops.

@basil oh interesting! So it’s making use of indieweb. Something I’ve been putting off checking 😁😁

@geekgonecrazy yeah, this post wasn't my most lucid moment, but it's really quite cool. And I now as I said, I often use the Indigenous Android app to post a lot of shorter blogs in addition to using the reply, like, and bookmark options from the share menu in Firefox.

@basil for replies do you treat those as a different type of post to exclude them from main blog feed? Or is that against the purpose of indieweb? I’m a noob. Last time I looked at it I saw 100x things and ran away 😂

@geekgonecrazy I do, yeah.

On my side I have 3 sections: blog, notes, earmarks:
Webpub replies get published in notes.
Likes and bookmarks go in earmarks.

Configurable in the webpub software for what category of post gets put where in your repository.


Indiekit, the software I use for my webpub endpoint supports these post types:

You just tell it where to put each one.

@geekgonecrazy but this is all just adding content to the sites repository. It doesn't handle informing anyone that you replied to them or liked their post.

@basil no worries, thanks for finding/sharing! I wouldn’t have it in my Hugo theme if it hadn’t came with it 🙈

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