@basil That's really weird. I have a very similar compulsion but 100% reversed. I find it difficult - almost impossible - to not complete a book I have started reading. Even if I'm not enjoying it, even if I started as it was my only choice and now I have 8 better alternatives. Even if I never paid for it. For some reason, I simply find it very difficult.

@andyc My rule is 10% or 100 pages - whichever comes first. If I’m not enjoying it by then I stop.


@jamie @basil With the advent of streaming and music libraries, I've lost this OCD trait but back in the days of vinyl LP's, I always used to listen to an album in its entirety.

Side 1 followed by side 2. Of course, it was a pain with a needle on a record player to select a favourite track but I continued to do this when CD's first came out.

@andyc @jamie

Young lad at work has a huge array of self curated playlists on Spotify.

He saw me using Spotify and was aghast that I had none.

I told him that an album is a playlist that the artist has made for you, and they are the experts. Blew his mind. 😆

All in jest, of course, but I used to have a hangup about getting through the full record.

@basil @jamie I only have two playlists - the legendary 'Music for Sheep' that I lost and had to recreate so often on every flipping music platform/player I had to write a blog post about it.

The other is 'Sad Songs' - well it's actually 'Funeral Setlist' but I worried if people saw me playing that, they might worry I was about my state of mind and thin I was about to join the '27 Club'. With an Senior Citizen discount.

@andyc @basil @jamie
My last car, A Megane convertible, played songs in alphabetical order of title, and random never really worked, so I spent an afternoon making a playlist, and put them all in the order I wanted them.
To find that the car radio read the playlist, then started playing it in alphabetical order by title.....

@basil @jamie Have you ever been on one of those horrendous, cliched HR team building exercises and ended up being categorised as a 'Starter-Finisher' ?

Or rather the diametrical opposite of a 'Starter-Finisher' :-)

@andyc @jamie oh god. My last job, that I stayed in only 7 months, they would put us through some nonsense like that every 2 weeks.

From the king of bullshit, the Myers-Briggs, down to every bit of sillyness ever dreamt up by anyone that ever wanted to sell a book.

It was never ending.

Was the main factor in me looking for other work.

@basil I can't stand anything stuff like that. I especially hate 'warm-up' excercises in training sessions.


@jamie @andyc that plus the weekly one to one's and the 3 different kind of reviews we had. It was insufferable.

I've managed to stamp that shit out at my current place.

@basil @jamie I presume 'Myers-Briggs' isn't a set of edicts for the workplace promoted by Mike Meyers from Wayne's World.

'Party On, Wayne'

Ditto, however my books are not abandoned. I'll get back to them eventually.
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