I agree. Letting your mind wander without distractions is precisely what idling is for.
@basil Although I think that's also why I like a nice long #bicycle ride or a walk. It's almost better because your thoughts get some space from the household obligations and there's some exercise going on to relieve the guilt of being a lazy arse.

@basil This

'[The missus] was soon confused by the notion of not doing anything'.

My wife is nauseatingly the same. Well, she has an energy surge in the morning then flunks out in the afternoon.

Increasingly, she comes to search me out. I'm sitting in the garden with a glass of water, staring into space.

'What are you doing ?'

'Nothing. Just enjoying the garden and the sun'.

'Why ?'

@andyc roughly every hour - "what do you want to do", "what should I do now", etc

@andyc @basil I must admit that I find it hard to be idle for any length of time.

@wyliecoyoteuk @andyc used to cause me issues when I was younger in job interviews or similar.

What do you do in your spare time?

Err... Not much...

@basil @wyliecoyoteuk That's because you're obsessing over all the folk who have crossed Leeds in the last 20 years 🙂

@basil @andyc When I was younger and had a large semi derelict house to fix up, large chunks of my spare time were given over to DIY.

@basil @andyc Even when I retired, there was always something that needed sorting out.
The wife said more than once "now we've got it as we want it, we're moving out!"

@wyliecoyoteuk @andyc I'm not moving out unless the bank come to repossess.

@basil @andyc I once thought that.
Then the wife had a back injury which required spinal surgery. She still struggles with balance on uneven surfaces, slopes and stairs. Coupled with that, our daughter lived 250 miles away.
So Cornish bungalow.

@basil @wyliecoyoteuk Chirst - you have more hobbies and outlets than me - cycling, food bank, real ale aficionado, footy. Well, I have the latter.

In fact, that really stuck me during lockdown. How little interests I have outside of beer and footy and how little I have in common with the missus. But, fuck, I'm 58 years old, not 28 so who gives a hoot.

@andyc @wyliecoyoteuk yeah, I'm better placed to answer the question these days.

Used to go something like this:

Well, I like hanging out with my mates, going to the pub. And I like football.

Do you play?


I enjoy music.

Do you play?


Err... (In my head: look, I'm 21, I drink beer and chat shit, get off my case)

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