@basil I've been looking at a new bike for commuting to work really want a 1x11 for that.

@theru it's not for everyone or all situations but I mostly love it.

@theru and it's good that Shimano finally entered the fray.

@basil I still need to figure out what gearing to use on a road bike - 32x11x42 probably won't do :)
@basil I have it on the mtb. a lot less to go wrong. We don't have have that many hills so seems like a good thing for the comuter as well.

@theru I have some hefty hills hence the 40t on the front and my cassette goes to 42t.

It's rare for me to want more than 11tx40t at the top end. So it's mostly fine.

Makes for a few larger gaps in the gears, but I'm mostly not a cadence nazi. Only occasionally found myself wanting gears that weren't there.

@theru aye, from most I've heard the grx is better than the sram groups. But wasn't available when I got mine.

@basil I'm not really bothered whether it's shimano or sram but if shimano is better it's a nice.
@trregeagle @basil that does look nice. We don't really have gravel here more or less everything are paved (unless I want to go on a single track) so those "fat" tired might be overkill :)

@theru @trregeagle I looked at the grail, nice bike.

Got one of these cyclingweekly.com/reviews/adve

Was right at the limit of my budget but I love it so, for once, I'm happy with my choice.

I have an old giant anyroad as my backup bike which can generously be described as a piece of shit.

Unfortunately the roads here are long and straight with no hard shoulder and the road trains are pretty terrifying. So most of my riding out of town is on dirt tracks through the outback. My poor gravel bike has been getting a hammering. One day I'll pedal back to civilization...
@basil @trregeagle

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