The company I work for do this thing where you get reward points for good work. I had like 20,000 saved up and decided to chop half of them in for an Apple Watch.

It comes tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I have a Garmin smart watch, but I think this will be integrated to my phone so much more.

Cue the Apple hate. 🙄

It’s ok folks, we’re allowed to like proprietary stuff too, it’s all good. 😊

@kev I’ve had one for a few years. I really like mine. Especially like being able to leave my phone at home and still listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

@jamie wait... that’s a thing? No way??? I’d love to listen to podcasts while it walking the dog without fear of being called and disturbed.


@kev @jamie
Getting the Mrs a new Garmin for Christmas for almost exactly this purpose. Phone free running with podcasts and music. Exceedingly appealing feature.

@basil @jamie My Garmin is one of the really basic Netto ones and it’s nearly 4 years old now, so can’t do all this clever jiggery pokery. Great device though.

@basil @kev @jamie let’s hope Mrs Basil doesn’t check your mastodon account #spoilers

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