Me, working on my laptop, in 2015. Things haven't changed all that much.


I joke, things have changed.

This flat was a tomb of mould.

It was somehow both full of draughts and stale.

I had to scrub the walls with mildew cleaner once a fortnight and towel down the external walls every other morning.

The boiler didn't have a timer so I used to set my alarm for 5:30 to turn the heating on so my wife could get ready for work in relative warmth.

Most mornings before climbing back into bed I had to do a quick sweep for any slugs, and wipe any trails from the sofa.

The temperature in the kitchen hit the point where the cooking oil went cloudy and started to solidify.

The landlord would come over once a month "to see what he could do" and faff about with some DIY that "might help".

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The day we moved out and he came to collect the keys in his jaguar e-type and tried to wriggle out of giving me my deposit back.

I had hate in my heart, that day, I have to admit.

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Oh yeah, the sofa, I dismantled it to throw it away. The foam supports above the springs had turned completely black and crumbled to dust in my hands.

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That's appalling. Don't you have laws to protect tenants from this kind of vulture?

@normandc it was, and yes we do to an extent, but justice is for those who can afford it.

Sorry, here in my province, we have a dedicated administrative tribunal that deals with disputes between landlords and tenants. It is much more accessible than the "regular" justice. I guess I assumed you had the same.

That being said, there are bad landlords here too, and sometimes the law seems unable to rein them.

@normandc mostly a case of, you can't complain or they'll kick you out, and you can't while moving out or you'll have to fight harder for your deposit and they won't give you a reference which means you can't move in anywhere else.

We still have no fault evictions here. Which sucks.

Oof. Here landlords cannot evict tenants without cause. They complain that the system overly protects tenants.

@basil With much less than that they make a tv program today with several seasons.

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