Went live this morning with a new website for the Mrs as she desperately searches for any source of income in the midst of covid.

Launching a paid product to the public, even this low key, is a stress I'd like not to repeat to be honest.

Product founders have my respect.

@basil Looks good. Very polished and professional. Nice one.

@andyc @basil I remember building our corporate website, then transferring it because the designers hosting it were assholes. Then developing it as 2 separate online shops, one for existing customers with service contracts, one as a retail shop with different prices. Took forever, mainly because of arguments with people who had no understanding of database or websites.
That's 4 years of my life I will never get back

@wyliecoyoteuk @andyc @basil

I'd say it looks good. - I did some fiddling around with _Maintaining_ a site for a game company back in the 80's... It can be quite a chore to keep things linked and pretty. I never did get into CSS or Databases. - Kind of wish that I had.

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