I think this fella has misunderstood what they meant by "customer images"

@basil Yeah - when you've invested £250 in a shredder to protect your privacy, don't upload a selfie.

@basil Lass has been subject to some identity theft attempts (folks trying to open bank accounts in her name). All failed so far. Taking all the necessary, corrective actions.

@andyc urgh.

My mate had a 2 month battle with Three mobile.

Someone bought 3 new iPhones on contract in his name.

@basil @andyc a friend of ours has a postbox at the end of their drive, mainly because they have a field in between them and the road. Police caught someone following the post van and opening mailboxes on their road, apparently had been trying to take out credit cards in the names of residents, and trying to intercept the cards and pins.

@wyliecoyoteuk They send you credit cards through mail? Here you have to go to the bank , identify yourself and then they give you a sealed envelope with the pin. @basil @andyc

@ghostdancer @basil @andyc They send the cards and the pin separately through the mail, then you have validate them at an ATM or online. Your system sounds much safer.

@wyliecoyoteuk Sending all those cards through mail is like playing russian roulette, you certainly know someone is going to have a big problem .@basil @andyc

@andyc @basil Newest scam, text messages supposedly from banks " someone has added a new device to your account" so far had them from HSBC, Halifax and LLoyds, none of which we have bank accounts with.

@wyliecoyoteuk @basil This was similar but they sent a letter to my daughter rejecting her (non-existent) application.

Not sure why hackers are so keen to open a new account - is it for money laundering ?

Normally, you'd expect them to try to access Amazon/bank and take funds out.

@andyc @basil Money laundering, getting loans, mortgages against nonexistent properties, selling property they don't own etc.
When we moved house, the contrast from buying 30+ years ago was an eye opener.

@jamie @basil In the 80s the paperwork was minimal, we just had to prove earnings and pay a deposit. Last year we had to have multiple proofs of identity, we actually had to prove the sources for our money, using payslips, bank statements, savings account records etc.

@wyliecoyoteuk @jamie we had the extra fun that, due to being an employee director of her company, they class Mrs Basil as self employed. That's a lot of fun on a mortgage application.

Was also fun when the mortgage broker wanted our passports, since the last time a paper pusher took Mrs Basil's passport she almost didn't get it back. Made Mrs Basil have nervous flashbacks 😅

@basil @jamie
Glad we didn't need a mortgage then. It was bad enough dealing with the builders solicitors 200+ miles away.
As for passports, we had a certified copy made and stamped at the post office, so we didn't need to post them.

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