I'd like to think of myself as an ethical person, and I want sites like bookshop.org to be successful. However, I'm not going to choose it over Amazon when the book I want to gift costs twice as much and would take a week longer to arrive.

(N.B. non-essential shops are shut here at the moment)

@dajbelshaw conversely I bought 3 books off bookshop.org this month as gifts as they were quite a bit cheaper than Amazon and the books turned up in 2 days. Swings and roundabouts.

@Luke @dajbelshaw mine was 12 quid with delivery instead of 8 and arrived in 4 days.

But I really hate Amazon so I'm ok with it.

@basil @dajbelshaw but I guess I just wanted to point out Doug's experience isn't the only experience of it and that bookshop.org definitely shouldn't be written off based on one experience.


@Luke @dajbelshaw yup I understood 👍 was adding a third data point.

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