Can't believe that @pla's obituary didn't mention that he was a topic of conversation on TINAP7.

Sorry, could you please tell me what's TINAP7? My search results were inconclusive. Thanks


A fleeting in joke really, nothing of sig interest.

About 10 years ago, a few lads had a short lived podcast that wasn't a podcast. Was a group of online mates chatting nonsense and going over stuff that had transpired on the fediverse.

For episode 7, I was a guest and a few of his side projects at the time came up in discussion. E.g. he made a very useful app that would take the ID number of an identica post and generate an image on the fly.

@normandc even back then he stood out as one of the only people on the fediverse that was nice guy that was nice to everyone but also didn't mind about my constant swearing.

He claimed to find it endearing, I think he was just being fucking polite.

@basil @normandc My hazy memory from back in 2010 was @pla was a techie, FOSS enthusiast.

I can't recall him mentioning cycling that much (if at all). I know his Obit says he 'rediscovered' his passion for cycling more recently but did he mention back on ?

@andyc @normandc no, he definitely got back into his cycling after the identica heyday.

@tregeagle @normandc it's so odd now to listen to, devoid of context and time. Discussing conversations that have faded in the memory and the launch functionality of Google+ 😅

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