Looks like a perfectly normal amount of damage to incur when travelling through a park with a 20 limit.

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Lucky they weren't speeding, there would have been some serious damage. Probably the cyclist's fault.

@wyliecoyoteuk dunno why the feck you can drive through a park anyway. Nonsense on stilts.

Nobhead cyclists should be the biggest viable danger to people in a park.

@basil @wyliecoyoteuk I walk round this area of the park quite a lot. Glad the cyclist was OK. Wish the driver had suffered more than 'minor hand injuries'.
@wyliecoyoteuk @basil God alone what speed he was doing. I think that section is downhill heading an exit onto a road but it's a gated entrance so it narrows. He's taken out a metal barrier and nearly unrooted a massive tree !

@andyc @basil @wyliecoyoteuk I was thinking it was some ruffian going for a burnup after some drink /drugs. Then I remembered, the park closes at sunset and opens at 6am.

@wyliecoyoteuk @basil That would have been a rather Darwinian way to go.

'Cancer survivor, just one week away from his Covid jab killed in Park horror crash'
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