Maybe I'm wrong and rms apologized for being a creepy cunt and got some professional help on how to stop being a creep and agreed to never be a creep again and signed up to a new and improved CoC that, amongst other things, advised against writing about sexy teenagers. Then maybe he was appointed to the board on a probationary arrangement.

I mean I doubt any of that happened, I imagined he just shrugged and said something about free speech, but I don't know for sure.

@basil That's the kind of message I was hoping for from the board of directors explaining why he was reinstated. Something to indicate what changed. Sadly, I have not heard any such message, so I suspect that he was just told to lay low for a while, and then come back. It's a pity that an organization that has the potential to do so much good is showing itself as a cult of personality, and one almost certainly doomed to decline in light of this.

@murph what, you mean "we were gonna make a video but we couldn't figure that out so here's the message: I'm back some people won't like it but it is what it is" didn't satisfy your curiosity?

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