@andyc @basil I expected to see lots this morning from you two over the Super League announcement? It strikes me this is more about cutting FIFA out than trying to cash in? But then I know nothing about footie.

@dick_turpin @basil I'm surprised by the media outrage. I suspect it's merely a opening gambit for the powerful rich clubs to be well served by UEFA's rejigging of the Champions League.

Gary Neville - 142 second impassioned rant about the Newton Heath workers, 'YNWA' and 'I don't care about Spurs'

Roy Keane - 'Greed, pure greed'

@andyc @dick_turpin all inevitable, eventually, but still sad.

It's a power grab, but it's definitely more fleshed out this time. They aren't leaving anything to he said she said.

Financing from JP Morgan is in place. They've all resigned their positions on the European Clubs Alliance. They've preemptively filed cases against punitive actions by national leagues and FIFA/UEFA.

@andyc @dick_turpin

So yeah, smart money is on a well executed and successful strong-arm manoeuvre. But they aren't fucking around this time.

@andyc @dick_turpin

They'll think, (and they're probably right) that if they are forced out of other contests then there will just be a full scale rugby style split. And if they hold their nerve, that they'll come out on top.

Association Football vs Super League Football.

I love that PSG can't sign up because they are hosting the world cup and can't upset FIFA 🤣

@basil @andyc this kinda reminds me of the Kerry Packer situation in 1977 whereby he got Cricket clubs to sign up to a world tour and the MCC went ballistic at having their toes trodden on. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerry_Pa

Thing is, The MCC nicked a lot of Packer's ideas when it was all over like a white ball, colourful kit and floodlit games.


@dick_turpin @andyc bit more danger involved here, but yeah, these splits and power struggles are nothing new.

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