Every year, I end up searching the interwebs for any new cycling dashcams(for want of a better term... Safety camera??)

And every year, to my dismay, there's nothing.

I'm surprised there isn't a market for this.

There's the market leader that is crazy expensive and not held in high regard if consumer reviews are anything to go by.

And there is cheap shite that barely works.

Or action cameras.


At least I don't really have a need for one until we're out of the lockdown cycle.

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@basil you can get a go pro and start a cycling vlog on top of using it as a "dashcam"

they are pretty crap as dashcams is the point though.

And nobody makes dashcams for bikes because it's assumed gopros have the market cornered.

well, I've made a sweeping assumption there, with nothing to back it up. Bet hey, that's what the internet is for.

@basil well a vlog then Francis Cade can't be the only vlogger in your area :P
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