Thoroughly enjoy my new once a week task of writing "not known at this address" on the 5-10 letters received for the old tenant and walking them up to the position box. Only to get another bunch next week from the same organisations.

It's been 2 years motherfuckers, take a hint.

@basil my mail carrier doesn't even take those when I put them in the outgoing slot :/

@sigaard have found the little fucker on LinkedIn. His office address is gonna be getting some post 🤣

I've been here for 5 years, and I still receive some of the previous occupants' mail.

@normandc @basil
Yea, Been here 4 years... Still get mail for a previous person.
But, considering that my wife still gets Credit card offers, and other junk mail...

As for sending the mail back... Sometimes I do... and sometimes I don't.

I suppose we could open the mail, and use a change of address option, and put in another address? 🤷‍♂️

@randynose @normandc @basil We've been here for almost 9 years and still get mail from the previous occupants.

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