You know you're in the north when the post race refueling station is

What is Black Pudd? I think what folks in the NW US call pudd ain't what you call pudd.

@whistlewright it's a blood pudding, banned in the US I believe.

Made with pork blood, oats, barley, and pork fat.

Oh, I have had blood pudding. I don't think it illegal, just nasty

@whistlewright ah, I thought I'd read it was banned. Maybe it's just not allowed to be imported from the UK specifically.

I really don't know about most of the US. I live close to the border with Mexico and near Native American lands and blood pudding is a part of their cultures. I was in a small border town, maybe Marfa, Texas or Lajitas, TX, when I had it.

All I can say is it ain't my cuppa tea and I have eaten rattlesnake.
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