@basil Nice. I use a trackball but never one of "those" . I guess you find them comfortable.

@ghostdancer I have used a vertical mouse before and found it helped a lot.

But I am tempted by one of the Kensington trackballs.

I find the thumb driven ones very painful.

@basil @ghostdancer you're very young to suffer from such RSI. And you don't even use Emacs. Good luck with the new kit.

@andyc @ghostdancer I'm hoping the slightly split nature of the keyboard forces me to type properly.

Currently my hands tend to wander around the keyboard. E.g. I use both hands when typing "test".

Also, I expect I'm older than you think I am. I'm not a 25 year old train rambler anymore.

@basil @ghostdancer Everyone is indelibly as young and handsome as that legendary meeting in the Hole in the Wall at Waterloo Station.

@basil Yikes! I didn't know plastic could overheat and bend like that during shipping. Are you asking for a refund? 😜

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