Mrs Basil always makes me carry the heaviest bag. Where's feminism when you need it? AM I RITE!

I think this fella has misunderstood what they meant by "customer images"

Thing is, when you make a big song and dance about going to the courts.

Then you go to the courts.

Eventually you end up in a court.

Where lawyers can get in deep shit for telling fibs.

Which leaves you with a court proceeding that is.... quite short.

My pup, like all freshly baked pups, looks like a mole.

Still keeping beady eye on this.
🤞Will continue to level out.

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Because a single light source is nowhere near enough for our kitchen/diner and I'm too lazy to install a second light. Spider light.

Almost disappointed my banter timeline bet now looks very unlikely.

USPol / Football crossover, for you, there. I get you guys all the good stuff.

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