Where do they find these absolute pork pies?

24 years since this wonderful bit of skill.

_Makes ball gesture with hands_

I do miss discussing problems/solutions with colleges in person. And I do miss my commute. And a few cheeky scoops on the way home.

But every now and again. This is nice.

You know you're in the north when the post race refueling station is

Happy birthday to the magnificent king of the thunderbastard

Boiler repair man is currently using a hair dryer on the inside of my boiler...

As a rule, trees are good.
But I'd pay good money to get rid of this bastard sycamore at the corner of my neighbours garden.

Thank you to the person that showed me this setting in Firefox on Android and fuck you to the Devs that made it necessary for me to need it.

Need a usb-c to displayport cable for the 2nd monitor and an upgrade to the input devices. But this will do for now.

Perhaps also a motivational poster 🙃

NewCo have sent me my hardware.

All hail the mighty nubbin.

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