The river Tyne yesterday, from a few different angles, as per the song.

Not my photos unfortunately. Off of twitter: (

Hopefully they find out in the next few hours πŸ˜…

Refreshments sorted on the way home from a wee holiday in Northumberland.

Leeds playing quite well and my mates taking it with good grace.

You can see where this branch was at in its growth during June and July where it pissed it down for 40 days straight and all the leaves went brown and fell off.

Keeping beady eyes on this lad in the wake of them young uns rubbing up against each other.

If only there was some solution. Some other way to make a 1km round trip for steak? Darn, what a pickle.

Cute though.

@dick_turpin did you know dogs came in black as well? Cos I had no idea.

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