I have quite a few 'explain philosophy to me like I'm five' type books. Here's a couple of bits I like from my latest one.


Finally fixed the bastard gate.

Opens like a dream now. No more lift, shove, kick, shoulder barge.


Yup, nothing to see here. I tried to connect ncmpcpp to spotify vis mopidy.

And, well, I did.


Come what may, I'll be forever grateful for, and never forget these mad few seasons we've had with this eccentric old man.


My grandmother being first in line at the hairdressers when lockdown was eased and some memories of family from childhood.


I attempted a slightly more coherent and detailed write-up of my micropub setup. More specifically, how I use Indigenous to post to my site.


day seventy something.

Think if I hadn't got webpub working, so I could post through the Indigenous Android app, I'd have fallen off for certain this past week or so.

Not much to write about today since it was a day for staying indoors for a few reasons.


I shock myself by getting some work done and resolve to restart my search for a concentration playlist.


Today you get sports chat. Sorry, I know most of you have less than zero interest but this is me.

If you can handle me at my sports, you don't deserve me at... You get the gist.


I've honest to god lost count. 97? Must be, right?

A day so boring I could feel fingernails growing.

But my application to sustrans has progressed.


Tomorrow I will take Mrs Basil on a bike ride as she chips away at her virtual pilgrimage.


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