The local council hack the road network to bits to the point I can quite figure out how to ride through my own town 😅

Telling people that the first 50,000 folk to visit your website at exactly 23:45 will get free money.

Now that's a sure fire way to break your website.

Trying to find a slither of public land that permits flying a drone in order to qualify for a license to fly a drone is, let me tell you, quite a fucking challenge.

We are having to play the waiting game in our search for a dog as most available dogs apparently have around 25 applicants.

I predicted that one day there would be a post that pretty much declared that I was too drunk to write.

So here he it is. The prophecy is fulfilled.

Just one more moment of my life being driven to the edge by this godforsaken football club.

I have quite a few 'explain philosophy to me like I'm five' type books. Here's a couple of bits I like from my latest one.

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