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Not being able to go to the coast has been one of the toughest parts of lockdown for Mrs Basil.

Today we got out there for an hour or two.

Finally got around to the task of organising the cellar. After using it as the place to chuck random crap the day we moved in.

One of the things that technology improves my enjoyment of immeasurably. Observing nature.

Not much to say today other that a tale as old as time. A bike ride and a flat tyre.

Although I did get sidetracked on a bit of a rant about how hostile travel infrastructure is towards people that aren't in a metal death box.

So I might have used a Christmas cracker joke to introduce talking about socially distanced sporting events in order to pivot to the social implications of the faith we place in machines.

I think I might have gone round the bend.

After seeing the crowds at the shops I wonder if everyone has always been mad or if lockdown did it to them. Probably a bit of both.

Then, for some light relief, I imagine starting a political realignment with the help of @Luke of Sussex

Today I share with you some atrociously executed wildlife photography and resolve to improve matters.

day 51

Today I passed the Clara Vale fire (more of a smoulder).

So I thought I'd tell you about it.

day fucking 50.

Another uneventful day in lockdown and pondering if you can ignore what you know about an artist while enjoying what they create.

A short tale of loud birds that almost descended into a love letter to the Ouseburn Valley. But I managed to slam the breaks on.

More tedious tales from my computer I'm afraid.

I'll back to boring you with bikes and potato plants soon.

A day of frustrations and yet more font wrestling and with a few minor victories and a but of reminiscing

day 44, I think.

The weather narks me off, font rendering narks me off, and a plant does.

But we do have strawberries and beer.

I've honestly lost count.

In an astonishingly poor bit of I get buried under an avalanche of needless complexity, jargon and awful UX trying to ad a single character to a file.

yup, still just faffing with my laptop.

and realising that my site fonts look lovely on windows but utter shit on my ubuntu system.

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