Gonna be hard seeing my boy Ben White waste away at Arsenal.

Will always remember the nervousness and agitation that we'd replaced a towering talismanic centre back with an untried kid. And how in the first competitive half hour it all just melted away.

It was roughly 25 matches before he made anything close to resembling an average performance. One of the most promising and competent young players I've ever seen.

Currently sorting out our re-mortgage (fuck me, it's tedious)

However, it brought to my attention that our neighbour is moving out. Anyone wanna come slum it in my neck of the wood 😂


probably the worst part was the faux north london accent on display while he was bragging about his exploits.

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I guess something else that was noteworthy during my radio silence was my old school making the local news.

After arsehole kid #1 turned up to the school with a samurai sword and stabbed some folk (I would imagine not very well as there were no serious lasting injuries. ).

Then a few weeks ago, Arsehole kid #2 stabbed kid #1 then posted a video to social media bragging about it, tagging kid #1 telling him he was "a pussy" for getting blood on his knife.

@andyc @dick_turpin I finally did manage to get to my pub with the dog.

Otherwise not a great deal to report.

@kev yeah, many lawyers and accountants will profit from all the extra consultancy. That's about it.

And Tim Martin can get in the fucking bin as well.

Found flights to Malta from Luton that would be 200 quid cheaper.

Checks trains to Luton airport.


Special place in hell for messages like these.

A thingy or a whatsit is locked by another doodar.


@dick_turpin nah, just that during lockdown everyone had plenty of time to bury folk under the porch.

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