So that's showing, with only 3 games remaining, that no team is mathematically certain to remain in the league for next season.

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I know that what's mathematically possible is a little corny and arbitrary when applied en mass like this.

But I don't care, this is perfect for showing how bat shit bonkers this division is.


We actually have a vaccine but Big Pharma won't release it.

And, you'd presume, that when they do release one (or several, more likely) that there will be something sinister involved.

Swansea fans upset that Pablo celebrated his late winner was my favourite reading material of the weekend.

Said it before many times, but Middlesbrough fans are weird.

@andyc yes! I was looking for that one as well.

Completely unclear what his redeeming qualities are.


This was so odd. As if he wanted to look like he was trying without having to try.

@andyc all those defenders deserve another 12 months on their contracts after that, surely.

Finally fixed the bastard gate.

Opens like a dream now. No more lift, shove, kick, shoulder barge.

@matteoscordino @cooper yeah, volume knob is a bit unnecessary for me. I'd want to remap it.

@pla nope 👌, saw your post about your header image and the pic wasn't loading for me so I thought I'd just go and look.

@randynose yeah, so a lot of prisons can't afford or simply choose not to provide much in the way of a library.

So books are often sent in for prisoners. He completely banned that in a crackdown on prison 'perks and privileges'.

It was reversed in the high court as unlawful.

@randynose gross incompetence aside, the policy to remove books from prisons just sums him up perfectly.

@rw to save having to use 2 different media players mostly.

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