@timttmy aye, very poor officiating. But England weren't good, regardless. Haven't been in some time.

England Wales egg cuddling on at the same time as Leeds Villa. Weekend, ruined.

Not really, but still.

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Content warning: People who know me well (i.e. @trregeagle and… that's pretty much it, really), will testify that I'm not in the habit of posting photos of gents lavatories on the Internet, but these are exceptional times.

In the dilapidated shipping mall where I #work, whenever it rains more than a slight drizzle, the publicly-accessible part of the shop turns into an obstacle course of plastic bins catching rainwater. Back of house, it just rains indoors in patches, and we work around it.

In the staff gents, much of the suspended ceiling has collapsed, and water just courses down the walls, through the walls (knocking out a power point and electric hand dryer), and eventually down the drain in the middle of the floor, which backs up anyway after more than a day or two of rain.

Arrived at work to find a man up a ladder there replacing ceiling panels. This activity struck me as more than a little Sisyphean.

It had just started raining, and rain is forecast for the next week at least. These panels, as did their predecessors, are just going to get sodden, sag, and collapse into the pond below. Unless centre management are going to fix the roof, and they are not going to fix the roof because they never have.

However, it turns out there is a grand plan, and a dashed cunning one, at that:


When will the "get back to the office or lose your job" briefings start again?

@trregeagle would watch a hospital drama where all dialogue was dubbed in colloquialisms.

@dick_turpin @mjd @wyliecoyoteuk it can be a profitable commodity and not legitimate currency. Both those statements can be true.

@dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk was your first job walking in front of steam trains waving a flag?

@dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk
The power consumption (for the way bitcoin works in particular, I think other systems aren't as bad) is a problem though. Completely unsustainable.

At least they didn't lose by an innings. I'll take it.

@dick_turpin couldn't possibly do that to my carbon footprint. All my cycling and composting would be for nothing 😂


Imagine the sadness you'd feel if your grandchildren turned out to be such silly cunts.

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