I just can't do CSS. Just can't do it.

@dick_turpin @andyc yeah, I remember seeing this unfold. Was a shit show.

I don't know why they bother banning them for X years. Just ban them. End of.

@jamie I thought Rosh Hashanah but on second thought I don't think it's that sort of a celebration. So I'm unsure.

@normandc it's fantastic for the price. So racey compared to my other bike. And a beauty.

Well... Isn't this strange.

I could have sworn that the prime minister said that when his advisor drove across the country during lockdown. That it was fine because he needed family help with childcare.


The river Tyne yesterday, from a few different angles, as per the song.

Not my photos unfortunately. Off of twitter:
@Adam644Adam@twitter.com (langshotphotography.com/)

@fitheach a friend of mine called Steven Smith once got a letter addressed to Steven Wetherby Smith. Must have been a bad line 😅

@fitheach o would have had to ask for clarification from you to be honest. But I certainly wouldn't have just winged it 🤣

US Election just became even more charged. Didn't even think that was possible.

Bloke at work had a 4 hour round trip for a Covid test.
No thanks, you can keep that.

Selling him seemed shortsighted for Barca back then. They must have assumed another ideal replacement for Iniesta would be easy to find.

Mine is about 9.5kg but very much has the look of a steel bike.

They always look nicer. Thin steel tubing just looks better.

You're not wrong though. It's a heck of an expense.

@normandc yes the grx parts are very good, some bits are Shimano 105 which is also premium stuff. This is where the bike saves weight along with other fancier parts like the rims and the bars.

12-15kg is about right for a well made steel gravel bike. The one I almost got was 13kg but in the end I got something a little cheaper. And if you've never known any different then it's not going to bother you.

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