@andyc yeah, wonder are they going to get serious right from the get go. Or are they going to fanny about for a while like when Chelsea had Ranieri and splashed cash on Glenn Johnson and Joe Cole.

Honestly I'll take giddy barcodes over them being whiney pricks.

@dvdmrsdn @trregeagle @andyc @clacke haha, if only I could have walked back to Darlington. Maybe I should have tried 😅

@dajbelshaw indeed. I particularly enjoyed the implication that I wasn't "being nice" by observing the license he explicitly added.

@dajbelshaw I had a small brush with this.

I forked a github repo of a static website to use for my blog because the readme looked like this

@wyliecoyoteuk well, in that case, I wish my inevitable ascent to CEO would hasten.

Pondering changing roles at work to something less hands on technical. Will be discussing it in the coming weeks.

I'm not sure if I'm up to it... As apposed to my current role where I am sure I'm not up to it. (boom boom)

@jamie @robert at least there's nobody on low incomes that are having their national insurance increased or their benefits cut, otherwise it would be really worrying.... Oh...

@robert indeed, I've always had impeccable timing.

Guess who's energy tariff is due for renewal at the end of the month? 🤮🤮🤮

Old plan £785 per year. New plan offered £1,250 per year. Happy days.

that was... an odd game.

Surprisingly defeatist I thought... Go down to 10 and cling on, waste time, backs to the wall, like they were playing Madrid.

Rater than, "we're still the better team when down a man".

Still, at least you've more points than a cocktail stick in the league. Must be nice.

@wyliecoyoteuk honestly don't know.

I'm at the stress eating phase at the moment.

My company is in a spot of bother.
Gonna be a bumpy ride.

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