Mrs Basil always makes me carry the heaviest bag. Where's feminism when you need it? AM I RITE!

My first vague memory of international football is probably Denmark wining the Euros in 92.

My first more concrete memory was England conceding the early goal against San Marino in the Work Cup qualifier.

Then it's various parts of the 94 world cup.

Maradona smacked off his tits. Ray Houghton's goal against Italy. Jack Charlton. Ramario and Bebeto. The snoozefest that was the final and Baggio with his stupid hair fudging his penalty.

@andyc he was already a good way through his transition to a washed up fat coke head by the time I started getting seriously into football.

One of my earlier memories of international football was him screaming at the TV cameras in the 94 world cup.

See you lot on the other side of Tier 3.

Use our interactive lookup tool to find the *slaps face*

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2020 was always gonna end in tiers.

tip the veal. Etc.

@Luke @dajbelshaw
Oh, yeah. is a good option for non fiction.

@Luke @dajbelshaw yup I understood 👍 was adding a third data point.

@Luke @dajbelshaw there aren't any near me 😕

Well, there's a Waterstones in Newcastle which is where I used to go, and where I bought from pre covid. But that's pretty much it. We killed the rest.

@Luke @dajbelshaw mine was 12 quid with delivery instead of 8 and arrived in 4 days.

But I really hate Amazon so I'm ok with it.

@dheadshot I'll post it to you and you can give it a go.

Not saying my bathroom has a moisture issue but I found an actual mushroom sprouting out of the wall.

I see that the French doing a dry run for testing their border protocols for January caused a few tailbacks.

Wonder when the UK will be doing their tests 👀

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