Rushi still bookies fave but feel like I should have stuck some coin on this

@dick_turpin it's everywhere know isn't it. Feels like a surge in the last 2 years. Next to every single "pay now" button there's a "three easy payments" button.


@gray yes it's caused quite the kerfuffle.

@sigaard have found the little fucker on LinkedIn. His office address is gonna be getting some post 🤣

Who's surprised the fuck-nugget can't tell the difference between working and a piss-up? No cunt, that's who.

Thoroughly enjoy my new once a week task of writing "not known at this address" on the 5-10 letters received for the old tenant and walking them up to the position box. Only to get another bunch next week from the same organisations.

It's been 2 years motherfuckers, take a hint.

How that anyone has ever cast a single vote for this vapid cockwomble will remain a mystery to me until the end of my days.

That's true love.
Finishing each others sentences.

_boom boom_

@Truck possibly. Education systems are hugely different. Many factors I'd imagine.

@Truck most of my colleagues can type pretty quickly and only with the odd glance at the keys but not the real deal.

@Truck my mother worked in a typing department before I was born. So she can touch-type. She can also read/write shorthand.

@Truck but small companies, so from CEOs to marketing interns and everyone in between. (In the UK)

Was taught typing at school for 30 minutes when I was 12. That was it.

@Truck counter anecdote, I've worked with maybe 2 people in the last 10 years that can touch type.

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