@matt I can't watch it anymore 😅. It's so uncomfortably cringe worthy it makes my brain itch.

Where do they find these absolute pork pies?

And enormous is overstating.
Mostly just shock at being used to seeing him as a skinny drug riddled mess and being surprised he was alive.

@andyc last time I saw a photo of him he was enormous.

@Luke @ghostdancer
Like this.
Can't really call em phone booths but they make calls.

@Luke @ghostdancer are the free to use kiosks common elsewhere or just in these parts?

Imagine listening to this absolute potato of a man talk about anything for an hour and twenty minutes.

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Arguing with another Dev about gdpr.
Might just kill myself.

24 years since this wonderful bit of skill.

_Makes ball gesture with hands_

Still wish that massive sycamore tree would fuck off though 😅

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@Luke impossible. Like choosing a favourite song.

I do miss discussing problems/solutions with colleges in person. And I do miss my commute. And a few cheeky scoops on the way home.

But every now and again. This is nice.

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