@andyc indeed, the rumours that they don't get along, and both have egos to rival Zlatan, don't bode well for Mane on this season's showing.

Especially with the emergence of Jota.

@andyc loved the fact that, until last weekend, Mane and Salah hadn't provided an assist for each other all season.

@andyc Mrs Basil's first jab is on the 20th. I'm still waiting for my appointment with all the patience of toddler on a sugar high.

Hoping I can get my mortgage renewal sorted before I get inflated to death. 🤞

@dajbelshaw @zoot

Also, see this example of how some people have no idea what it means to live in poverty.


"Really, the names do not matter because everybody gave up part of himself to be bigger than himself. They do not have a Kane or a Gareth Bale but what they have is without price.

They have Bielsa, they have buy-in and they have the strength to be Leeds. When they move like this, it is glorious."


@jamie our eggheads said our system could have usable logging without full IP addresses.

As in, it's not a core part of our functionality (and whilst it makes our life harder for debugging and user research etc) it isn't essential. So we just changed it rather than carry on discussing it.

But other systems, situations, and interpretations are available, etc.

@jamie gdpr came in after this judgement.

GDPR specifically mentions IP addresses as personal data.

The complications and legal wrangling are always with if it can be considered appropriate or legitimate to hold and process a given bit of personal data in the context with which it is collected.

It's very simple until it gets very complicated. 😅

Wasn't my intention to criticise your comment.
Sorry if my post came across as dismissive.

@spacekookie someone has added after your comment that " and an IP may be considered "personal info".

My company's data protection officer, a lawyer, and someone from the ico, all agreed when we asked this question. This prompted us to change our software's logging.

Would like it noted that I'm trying very hard not to bitch and whine about the weather every other hour.

@kev @trysdyn @fribbledom are we saying I shouldn't be working at my kitchen table

@dick_turpin @jamie
I'm going with no. Just a feeling. And the favourite loses more often than not.

Obviously depends when the cockwomble gets bored with being PM.

But as you said, there's something a bit uninspiring about Rushi. And he's a money man at his core. They're gonna want a social conservative to get behind I think.

The idea of PM Raab or Patel honestly terrify me.
Although I dislike pretty much any of them that are still left in high office.

@jamie @dick_turpin now I have data to back up my gut feeling re Truss popularity.

But being overtly *this* popular paints a target on her back, obviously. So if anything, it endangers my prediction that followed.

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