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At pub.
Only allowed to approach the bar to collect a drink.
Contactless payment only.
Staff members cleaning the door handle after every punter touches it.
Everyone stood about 6foot apart.
Even the dogs are holding station.
Barman hasn't stopped wiping the bar down since I walked in, like something out of a movie.

The small crack of light that had appeared on the wife's order book has unsurprisingly ran for cover. Probs have to take herself off salary.

My pension is in negative growth so there's less money in the cunt than I've paid into it.

I did joke that the world would go to shit the moment I finally decided to buy a house. 😅 Anyone wanna rent out the spare room?

And still, on the curve of people that are about to get shafted, I'm nowhere near the sharp end.

I don't enjoy working from home but I can do it mostly without any difficulty. My main annoyance would be the spike in my gas bill.

Lad at work applied to transfer his pension last week. The money was transferred out pre the recent corvid slump and transferred in yesterday. Accidental win.

Currently emailing all over the gaff trying to get travel refunds.

ooof... don't log into your pension dashboard today, lads.

No corvid symptoms for me yet, but I am a little hungover.

Won a prize for best team name at the quiz last night with "The Wuhan Clan".

The wife described it as wildly inappropriate.

Good haul today. Had some helpers, which is nice.

And the sun was out. 👍

You know what's delicious? Beer.
Beer is delicious.

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