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Truly horrible interaction with a driver this morning.

I guess it's just impossible to be outside for 4 hours without meeting at least one arsehole. Law of averages isn't it.

Tomorrow I will take Mrs Basil on a bike ride as she chips away at her virtual pilgrimage.

love the new comms strategy of the government just responding to any questions about questionable actions by saying "this matter is closed".

Safe in the knowledge it'll work.

Not being able to go to the coast has been one of the toughest parts of lockdown for Mrs Basil.

Today we got out there for an hour or two.

If it could just be weather roughly like this for 6 months of year, that would be grand 👌


Mate has just made himself an ice bath in a wheelie bin.

Finally got around to the task of organising the cellar. After using it as the place to chuck random crap the day we moved in.

One of the things that technology improves my enjoyment of immeasurably. Observing nature.

Neighbour mows their lawn once a week at a minimum. Think they might have OCD.

A little blog about the path of dissenters tombstones that leads away from my favourite pub towards my 2nd favourite pub.

@Luke @andyc similarly, Leeds just can't deal with Cardiff. I hate playing Cardiff. Form goes out the window and they win. Dread the fixture. When I saw it was out first game back I was gutted.

Not much to say today other that a tale as old as time. A bike ride and a flat tyre.

Although I did get sidetracked on a bit of a rant about how hostile travel infrastructure is towards people that aren't in a metal death box.

Just talked myself out of buying another domain name.

Was a close one.

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