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Would have had Eze at Leeds in a heartbeat at that price. Every other London club has missed a trick.

The amount of webpages that just fail to load on the new Firefox on my pixel 3a is shocking.

Think the car garage have had my pants down.

So after realising they had enabled some tracking anti feature and turning it off and trying to get used to the address bar being at the bottom for a few days and switching it back I'm still not happy with the new start page and not yet used to the open tab list.

Most of all it's the performance degradation that's annoying me. Sluggish scrolling performance on pages that I've never had an issue with and site loading as a blank white page.

All in all, not my favourite update, Firefox.

Leeds in negotiations to sign a defender called Koch. Oh, please let this happen. The euphemism bingo will be great fun.

Trial dates currently being dished out for people in custody for autumn next year. So in amongst them there will be people found innocent of charges that serve more time than if they'd plead guilty.

Who put Chris Grayling in charge of tower bridge?

So Mrs Basil booked BA flights to Malta with a change at Heathrow.

They have cancelled her ticket to Heathrow and moved her to another flight that lands in Heathrow half an hour after her flight to Malta has left.

If only there was some solution. Some other way to make a 1km round trip for steak? Darn, what a pickle.

Pupper has chewed a notebook to bits and pissed on the kitchen floor 3 times so far.

God knows what I'll come downstairs to in the morning. 😅

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