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Keeping beady eyes on this lad in the wake of them young uns rubbing up against each other.

Every Trump story:

Me: Wow, he really is mad as a box of frogs.

Also me: But... we knew this already, no?

Also, also me: *sigh* ... I suppose.

Ok, @Luke

You got a pallet splitter, right?

Did you ever use it? Did it help?

Fair warning. On Saturday I'll likely be a sportsball bore. Mute at your discretion.

Adds another domain to the block list. ✅

Indeed. I feel it's safe, at this point, to assume no party involved has told a single shred of truth.

Feels like it's put up our shut up for Everton this season. They are becoming a team that spends a fortune just to tread water in mid table.

Still a bit perplexed that the TdF has gone ahead given that it's an event that takes place in public space and draws crowds. Just seems like asking for trouble.

In addition, and yes I've made this joke 3 times now, all the riders have asthma and should be isolating.

Best thing about Leeds preseason so far is that technically we don't have a manager.

Thank god grealish got called up. Sick of hearing about the daft cunt.

The great kind of blog post where nothing much happens in a very British sort of way.

Mrs Basil is very down about Boseman's passing. She'd said previously that she was sure he would be one of the actors of his generation.

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