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Largest vote share for a challenger to an incumbent president since FDR.

Thing is, when you make a big song and dance about going to the courts.

Then you go to the courts.

Eventually you end up in a court.

Where lawyers can get in deep shit for telling fibs.

Which leaves you with a court proceeding that is.... quite short.

Mrs Basil passed her drone pilots exam. A few more hours of flight time and she'll have her licence.

Gonna see how annoyed she gets when I call her captain all the time.

My pup, like all freshly baked pups, looks like a mole.

Removing all toys, trinkets, gadgets, and gizmos from my mental wishlist.

because doggo. 🐶

Getting a pup. 🥳
Next 3 months are going to be intense. 😵

One of my neighbours has a garden the size of a postcode with about 20-30 large trees in it.

A lot of the time this is good, because trees are good and so are birds.

I do not care for his petrol leaf blower, however.

Still keeping beady eye on this.
🤞Will continue to level out.

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Because a single light source is nowhere near enough for our kitchen/diner and I'm too lazy to install a second light. Spider light.

Is the Four Seasons Total Landscaping incident the funniest thing ever to happen in western politics? It might just be.

Have been reminded that Pence won't be able to have a 1 to 1 transition meeting with his successor. Since he doesn't allow himself to be alone with women, out of respect for his wife, or some bollocks.

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