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Pondered a series of blog posts about my experience with my puppy. Have barely had time to post on here 😅

Mrs Basil's aunt has been given awarded an OBE. Crikey.

There's not too many times that I truly miss Malta. But when I've a chill in my bones and I come across an old photo of a quiet corner of the island on a spring or autumnal day. That's one of them.

Thoroughly enjoyed the evenings football 😄

Wonder how much oxygen hospitals have in reserve and how the supply lines are holding up. Haven't heard much about this so I guess should assume it's something that is logistically simple to react to such demand spikes?

Phone battery currently lasting much longer. Because if I look at my phone, the pup will eat something or piss on something. 😆

As I've said before. The inevitable whippings by top quality sides don't concern me.

It the defeats to organised and strong bottom half sides.

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A right winger at right back
A right back at centre back
A defensive midfielder at centre back
A left winger at left back

I think that we better score some goals this afternoon 🤣

Whisper it quietly, but we might be on our way to the first full day without puppy poop in the house

Merry Christmas you bunch of delinquents and reprobates.

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