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"A stressful situation can affect memory. Right?"

"Yes. That's why it's great that we have it on video."

Big Oooof.
She's savaged the poor bloke.

Replacement screen on my phone is coming unstuck. Wonderful.

Still don't understand story points.
As always, could be wrong, but suspect they might be bullshit.

Realised I'd taken a dislike to Brighton's Trossard just because he looks a bit like Owen Jones.

Koopmeiners looks like a really handy midfielder.
*Gets on the blower to Victor Orta*

Daily chores are difficult enough with the pupper around so ad-hoc jobs and hobbies have to be planned in and/or carried out in short bursts.

As such, my website rebuild is happening about 5 lines of CSS at a time. 😅

"performative nationalism" a great turn of phrase.

Did the captain draw a massive cock and balls before getting stuck in the canal 🔍

Petition for Matt Le Tissier to replace RMS on the FSF board.

Maybe I'm wrong and rms apologized for being a creepy cunt and got some professional help on how to stop being a creep and agreed to never be a creep again and signed up to a new and improved CoC that, amongst other things, advised against writing about sexy teenagers. Then maybe he was appointed to the board on a probationary arrangement.

I mean I doubt any of that happened, I imagined he just shrugged and said something about free speech, but I don't know for sure.

Gid moaning all.

Look at it this way, at least you aren't stuck in Suez canal.

The hardest periods of lockdown?
International breaks.

Had to triple check that this wasn't a well executed spoof. Fuck me.

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