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Playing man to man when out numbered is going to be hilarious.

Might have to start drinking to numb the sting of this match 😅

My dog is currently, what can only be described as, deepthroating a venison tendon. It is making for a very unsettling noise.

This fucking snow, man.
It can fuck the fuck right off.
All the way over there.
Then it can fuck off some more, and when it's done.
It can carry on fucking all the way off.
Then fuck off some more.

So I've he'd this long running, tongue in cheek, semi serious but light hearted schtick above how culturally I see myself first and foremost, as a Northumbrian. Even considered getting an old Northumbria flag as a joke.

But now these NIP duffers ( have popped up making a lot of noise and people might think I'm taking a serious political stance. 🙄

Why must people ruin things?

Well shit in your hat and punch it.

Is there really still no RSS feed unicode character?

Showing that Brighton should be up there with West Ham.

Need a better finisher, a goalkeeper, and some luck in the next transfer window.

Bored and angsty boys on the peace line are living their best life, I see.

Are Russia about to nibble off a little bit more of Ukraine?

Cycled to the shop yesterday.
Going up a narrow road with cars parked on both sides, the car behind was unable to pass me until we arrived at a T junction with a main road.

After nipping in front of me just before said junction, they proceeded to reverse slowly towards me and drive me 10-20 meters back down the hill. After blasting their horn, they sped back off up the hill.

People are unhinged when they are travelling. It's like a disease of the brain.

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