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Jurgen Klopp is being an absolute whopper about the super league fallout.

So nice to see the fluffy haired cockwomble and galaxy brain Dom having their lover's quarrel in public.
Not at all exhausting.

This morning I sent the pup off for a couple of hours on a day care/group walk type thing.

I don't think it went well.

She has a wound on her neck and is pacing around looking glum, whining and avoiding eye contact. She also needed encouragement to eat her food which is highly strange.

Something about traveling in motor vehicles makes people crazy.

Always wondering where on the crazy scale each driver is on as they pass me is a fun game.

Let the dog out for a piss.
Had to do a quick about turn as we had a visitor.

Sorry, if you're not on the list, you're not coming in.

Ooof. I'd need some new pants after this.

Had a car do this to me, but they saw me at the last moment and stopped.

Ok, I'll say it. The poison dwarf that is Dennis Wise is not a good youth coach. 🤣

In other news. The new champions league format is still fucking dogshit.

Calling a meeting of all the club captains might be the most English thing ever 🤣

Had a right giggle at Morrissey's tantrum over his Simpsons parody.

Suddenly desperate for Leeds to finish above arsenal.

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