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"Really, the names do not matter because everybody gave up part of himself to be bigger than himself. They do not have a Kane or a Gareth Bale but what they have is without price.

They have Bielsa, they have buy-in and they have the strength to be Leeds. When they move like this, it is glorious."


Would like it noted that I'm trying very hard not to bitch and whine about the weather every other hour.

@Luke Kalvin "has a knock" but we all know the reality. He's refusing to play against White 🤣

@Luke I was pondering, with Captain Hindsight, should Brighton have negotiated a silly fee with Leeds for White and dropped 40mil on a striker?

Think the dog might be a Staffy / Fruit Bat cross.

What did she expect? Not wearing a helmet and no high vis at that time of night.

Don't think I'm mentally prepared for the Bayern Munich manager to be younger than me.

Every year, I end up searching the interwebs for any new cycling dashcams(for want of a better term... Safety camera??)

And every year, to my dismay, there's nothing.

I'm surprised there isn't a market for this.

There's the market leader that is crazy expensive and not held in high regard if consumer reviews are anything to go by.

And there is cheap shite that barely works.

Or action cameras.


At least I don't really have a need for one until we're out of the lockdown cycle.

Showed Mrs Basil the History feature of the Calculator app on her phone last night. Rocked her world.

He was laying down some really raw shit over pounding bass when he shouted those words, which were simply the braggadocio of the urban poet and not in any way policy.


The spurs and Man U spankings do seem to have frightened the Leeds players into being a bit less.gung ho. Been much more sedate since then.

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