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@dick_turpin you'll be pleased to know that I got the posh one. 💉

Wait. Owen Jones is the ref?
I thought he played for Brighton...

My NHS records have been discovered.

I now exist again. Huzzah.

Little prick booked in for tomorrow morning.

Excuse me, but this is a well executed deep fake. Or I'm having a fever dream.

Or I've gone insane.

Going into the office tomorrow to do a years worth of filing.

Base rate has gone down.
Mortgage rates going up.
Sure. Sure.

They are still hunting for my medical records.

In the words of Fugazi...

And you've got to, and you've got to and you've got to.
Gimme the shot.
Gimme the pill.
Gimme the cure.

The phone menu system was pretty hostile to people needing to speak to a human. One of the worst I've witnessed.

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Half an hour on hold (could have been worse)

They have "raised a fault on my account" and I should "wait 48 hours and try again"

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Hoping I can get my mortgage renewal sorted before I get inflated to death. 🤞

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