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Can Man Utd do to Chelsea what Leeds did to Brighton?

Southampton, like Leeds, know how to ship goals.

Tried to get a 12k pay rise today.
Too ambitious? Potentially.

'The Rediscovery of the Unique' Fortnightly Review (1891)

― H.G. Wells

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It is a curious sensation, now that the preliminary splutter is over and the flame burns up clear, to see his hands lit and just a glimpse of himself and the patch he stands on visible, and around him, in place of all that human comfort and beauty he anticipated — darkness still

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Man, I love this

Science is a match that man has just got alight. He thought he was in a room—in moments of devotion, a temple—and that his light would be reflected from and display walls inscribed with wonderful secrets and pillars carved with philosophical systems wrought into harmony.

Juventus are shit now as well? Interesting.

Mate is on 3 months gardening leave.
Can't remember the last time I was so envious.

Current daily doom spiral.

Wake up. Alright let's crack on.
Oh god, this is hopeless were utterly screwed.
I need to get off this sinking ship.
Browse jobs.
Read essential criteria.
Realise I'm not qualified for any that will pay the bills.
Lie awake in bed stressing about it.
Finally sleep.


ManU playing against Liverpool like Leeds play against ManU

Getting myself mentally prepared for putting the heating on.

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