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Urgh, have dropped the dog off at the vets for stitches after she somehow slashed open one of her back legs.

Even money she rips out the stitches at some point 🙄

Going from bad to worse at work.
Might have to abandon ship.

Had a liquid lunch.
Now having a pint after work.
It's ok though, someone just gave me a crisp.

Mrs Basil has received a speeding fine for a car she's never owned. Company flat out doesn't believe her.

Say she's has to get a letter saying she doesn't own the car and make a police statement that she doesn't own the car.

Doing my tits in.

I see William Hurt has departed. Always sad to hear.

I've met some cunts in my time, but he's up there with some of the best of 'em.

A cantankerous bully and abuser of those he deemed less than him.

I hope he has found the kind of peace that he denied those he left in his wake.

Royal Television Society awards. Mrs Basil shits 'em.

This wind! My god.... Will it ever cease?

... it's pretty stormy outside as well.

Turning my heating off for good and flinging my boiler in the bin.

Rushi still bookies fave but feel like I should have stuck some coin on this

Who's surprised the fuck-nugget can't tell the difference between working and a piss-up? No cunt, that's who.

Thoroughly enjoy my new once a week task of writing "not known at this address" on the 5-10 letters received for the old tenant and walking them up to the position box. Only to get another bunch next week from the same organisations.

It's been 2 years motherfuckers, take a hint.

How that anyone has ever cast a single vote for this vapid cockwomble will remain a mystery to me until the end of my days.

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