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Have witnessed some absolutely wrank behaviour by companies towards a couple of mates this week.

If they had any sense, they'd both find new jobs pronto.

Can't wait to get back to seeing Leeds do what they do best next season. Losing to Millwall.

Since I don't start my new job until next week, I keep joking with Mrs Basil that I'm enjoying being unemployed. She doesn't appreciate it.

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On the new EU proposal to combat abusive litigation against journalists and human rights defenders, by Prof Borg-Barthet:

Penultimate day at work and coming to terms with knowing there's no way I'm able to hand everything off properly. 😅

A grey day.

At pub.

A boat about to go under the blinkin eye on the way to HMS Calliope.

Can't wait to watch Leeds play Man City on Sat. 😐

The general reaction of curious twitter users is confirmation, once again, that the current UX of distributed social networking just doesn't really work for most people.

Don't know what the answer is, or if there is one, or even if there needs to be one.

Just a trivial observation.

Start new job on the 9th. That about brings you up to speed.

Also slowly and begrudgingly coming to terms with Leeds being absolute bin juice again.

Those three years... Man. What a ride.

It's taken 28 days but think the dog's leg has finally healed.

A frustrated, under exercised puppy is hell.

Have seen the first "I've signed up to Mastodon" tweet in my twitter timeline since the Musk news broke.

Employment offer received.
Probably going to take it.

Gonna be strange moving to a new company after a decade.

From a place with less than 20 employees to a company with 1,500.

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