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The football season is over.
What a cursed season. Let's never do that again.

After 3 utter unadulterated failures, the next transfer window is pivotal. Lots of work to do.

Can't wait for this season to be over.

As a rule, trees are good.
But I'd pay good money to get rid of this bastard sycamore at the corner of my neighbours garden.

Just gonna drink beer in the sun and hope for the best.

.... hopefully that's what the Burnley and Everton players are doing right now too.

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Playoffs are a great watch when you're not in them.

I think @andyc should get a damehood as well for his blogging and podcasting efforts.

First project I've been assigned to at NewCo, the lead dev has a meeting every day at 08:30.

I quit.

Thank you to the person that showed me this setting in Firefox on Android and fuck you to the Devs that made it necessary for me to need it.

Need a usb-c to displayport cable for the 2nd monitor and an upgrade to the input devices. But this will do for now.

Perhaps also a motivational poster 🙃

@andyc did you ever get used to using that massive trackball?

NewCo have sent me my hardware.

All hail the mighty nubbin.

We should probably reverse the decline in bus services now that they're essential for so many people to keep warm and for preventing women from being kidnapped and murdered.

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