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When did Johnson notice his mistake? He cannot answer the question without identifying himself as a fool or a crook. Either he failed to understand a text that he signed or he knew he was beaten by Brussels and mis-sold the defeat as victory in a general election.

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There are cases in history of national leaders being coerced into treaties. Yet only Boris Johnson claims to have signed an international agreement by mistake.

In the prime minister’s telling, the UK was bamboozled into a substandard Brexit deal last year. Events were moving “at pace”; the politics were “challenging”; European rules were smuggled into the small print. So parliament must pass a law disagreeing with the agreement. To fix the deal, the deal must be broken.

If I can't take a Covid test will I be able to appeal my predicted results?

Refreshments sorted on the way home from a wee holiday in Northumberland.

Looking forward to everyone becoming experts in clinical trials.

Might go into hiding.

Was planning to bore you all shitless with Leeds posts but I didn't dare look away.

Leeds playing quite well and my mates taking it with good grace.

Today's the day.

Half the Liverpool team getting positive Covid tests was our only hope.

Time to watch a football game through my fingers.

Golly, do I want to go to the pub. 😅

Just go one week without being a sack of dicks. Just one.

You can see where this branch was at in its growth during June and July where it pissed it down for 40 days straight and all the leaves went brown and fell off.

Imagine being charged with a crime you didn't commit. Got to be one of the most stressful things that could ever happen.

Now imagine having to wait until 2022 for your case.

And possibly even being held for that time.

Horrific situation.

Pricing up insulation. Because this is my life now.

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