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Bored and angsty boys on the peace line are living their best life, I see.

Are Russia about to nibble off a little bit more of Ukraine?

Cycled to the shop yesterday.
Going up a narrow road with cars parked on both sides, the car behind was unable to pass me until we arrived at a T junction with a main road.

After nipping in front of me just before said junction, they proceeded to reverse slowly towards me and drive me 10-20 meters back down the hill. After blasting their horn, they sped back off up the hill.

People are unhinged when they are travelling. It's like a disease of the brain.

Full of Extra Strong Bitters and cheese.

The international break over.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

@dajbelshaw I'll be passing your neck of the woods today to take the pup to the beach. I'll wave on the way past.

In Japan you can't buy a car unless you have proof you have somewhere to store it. And by God that's a wonderful thing.

He couldn't use the murder strip. Was probably relieved about it.

Ah, wait, they just released the racism report a day early. I get it now.

A group of the devs at work are re-working how our system deals with user groups / roles / permissions / rights / etc.

I've never been happier not to be involved in something.

Video doing the round in soft news articles:

Oh my god look at all the sugar that's in a cream egg!!!

Of all the things that should surprise literally nobody.

What the fuck did you think they were made of? Kale and carrot juice?

Here's Colin, giving the nation a pep talk as it comes out of lockdown.

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