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Imagine listening to this absolute potato of a man talk about anything for an hour and twenty minutes.

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Arguing with another Dev about gdpr.
Might just kill myself.

24 years since this wonderful bit of skill.

_Makes ball gesture with hands_

Still wish that massive sycamore tree would fuck off though 😅

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I do miss discussing problems/solutions with colleges in person. And I do miss my commute. And a few cheeky scoops on the way home.

But every now and again. This is nice.

You know you're in the north when the post race refueling station is

Mrs Basil being observant as ever: There doesn't seem to be many bees around this year.

Reader, there are 2 separate bee hives in each side of our roof.

"Boris Johnson's spokesman says the Prime Minister will transform the NHS 'a blockbuster health care system into the age of Netflix.'

Asked repeatedly to explain what this means, Johnson's spokesman is unable to say which features of Netflix he believes the NHS should imitate."

... Just kill me. I will embrace the sweet release of death and let the ground take me.

Happy birthday to the magnificent king of the thunderbastard

How was everyone's Platty Jubes?
I won the bingo at the street party.

Hannah Fry's Horizon episode - Making sense of cancer - is really something.

Exploring the statistical reality of treatments and how this crashes into the irresistible force of our philosophical reality when facing our own mortality.

Can you / Should you / How do you make an informed and logical decision with a gun to your head.

The show would have been utter folly had the presenter not lived the experience for herself.

Boiler repair man is currently using a hair dryer on the inside of my boiler...

Reading a use cases document that's making me want to die.

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